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At Hz Digital, we specialize in brand growth and advertising using gamification. With every campaign, we offer a variety of platforms. From facebook instant games, to full fledged globally published brand-based games. Our main goal is to bring your idea to life, or plant a seed that will birth a priceless vision. The team is a handful of creative, skilled professionals with open minds and a thriving passion.

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Slatt Clothing

Our Passion Project

Slatt Clothing

As a representation of the effects of our advertising methods on direct business concepts, we decided to create an in-house clothing brand, with an entirely separate audience, and use our advertising methods to increase revenue for this brand.

Slatt Clothing is a clothing brand focused on the term "Slatt," and the culture surrounding that word, including the influencers who say it. "Slatt" is a term used by many influential hip-hop artists such as NBA Youngboy, Young Thug, Lil Baby, and many more. We created this brand, then used our in-house marketing tactics to increase store visits by 2,193%. Literally.

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